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Does Marijuana Make You A Loser? Not Necessarily.

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A recent study determined that people who smoke weed aren’t as successful as people who don’t, but here is why that’s flawed.

Is Pot A Gateway Drug? ►►►►
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Racial and Social Class Differences in How Parents Respond to Inadequate Achievement: Consequences for Children’s Future Achievement
“It is also important to assess the link between parents’ philosophy for dealing with inadequate academic performance and children’s achievement for groups who typically perform inadequately in school. The importance of this link becomes apparent when one considers the magnitude of racial differences in achievement.”

Extensive twin study finds no link between marijuana use and IQ decline in teens
“So despite the commonly held belief that smoking pot makes you stupid, we really haven’t seen much concrete evidence to back the claim up. And now researchers from a number of universities across the US have analysed the findings of two previous reports that investigated the relationship between marijuana use and intelligence decline in twins, and found no measurable link either.”

Seniors and marijuana
“[...]Americans over-65 only account for 14 percent of the nation's population, but they use more than 30 percent of all prescription drugs, including some highly-addictive painkillers. "An interesting question is, if people are prescribed cannabis, does that have then an opioid-sparing effect?" Dr. Grant said. "Because again, for chronic pain we do use opioids -- Vicodin and drugs like this."So cannabis could replace opioid use? "Right, or lessen the requirement. We need studies to understand that. But I think the preliminary evidence suggests that may be true."

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